ShareMeUp Share Buttons Widget ... without any kind of cookies!

ShareMeUp is a social networks share widget for your site.
It' a very simple tool that it's perfect for the new CookieLaw because it's completely cookie free.

Share your pages it's very fast and easy with ShareMeUp!

Cookie Free

ShareMeUp is realized without any third party javascript inclusion, so it's completely cookie free

Getting Started!

Step 1: Buttons

To configure your widget, please select the buttons you need.

Step 2: Button Size

Step 3: Button Style

Step 4: Get Code


Your configuration is complete! Click on the button below to grab your code.

I accept ShareMeUp license and Terms&Conditions of Use.

Simple Usage


Copy the following lines inside the HEAD tags on your page.

<script src=""></script>
<script>new shareMeUp({async:true,size:"large",style:"default"}).init();</script>

Show Single Buttons

To share the current page simply place the following markup where you want show share buttons

Example Output

Show Buttons Group

To place faster share buttons on your page, simply use the following markup where you want show share buttons

Example Output

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Custom Usage

Read the following documentation to learn how customize your share buttons.

Custom Button Style

You can customize all buttons simply adding a class called "custom" to the element you want customize. With "custom" class image will not charged and no style will be added to element. Using this options allows you to place your own button content inside element.

<span class="sharemeup custom" data-social="facebook">Custom Content</span>

Example Output

Facebook Custom Button

Data Arrtibutes API

With shareMeUp you can specify some share parameters as: title, link, image and more...

Allowed data attributes

OG: Tags

ShareMeUp is compatible with "OpenGraphProtocol" tags.
To learn more about this protocol, please read the documentation at